1. That’s one happy Kaiju groupie…

  2. Ew.


  3. It’s gonna be a pretty depressing week for me. So expect a lot of depressive and depressing posts and reblogs from me this whole week.


  4. I know you’re already in a relationship now, Theresa, but I just wanna let you know for the first and the last time, that I really like you. I never had the guts to say it before, but now I do. I know it’s too late for me, and I know you would probably never see this message, but that’s ok. You’ve made me happy for a little while, and I truly appreciate it. I hope you’ll be happy with him, because all that matters to me now is for you to be happy. All the best, and thank you for being such a good friend to me…

  5. Guess who’s on XHamster?


  6. Happy 4th of July, Murica. Keep up the freedom.

  7. I will not lie, I also did this.

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  8. Ol’ Bob sure enjoys that view…


  9. It all went well with ‘her’ today, even though it only lasted a little while… Hopefully, we’d get to spend some time together like earlier…

  10. More Than Life, live in Belgium 2012.

    This is my most favorite MTL set, ever.

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  11. You should not let music scene purists, or as I usually call them ‘music nazis’, get you down just because you like a certain band or musician that is totally different from their favorite bands or musicians. Hell, I love listening to Backstreet Boys, Bring Me The Horizon, Carcass and Immortal. 


  14. My cousin and I found a Christian Bale-looking action figure at Toys “R” Us last Sunday. I find it to be funny and disturbing…

  15. Desolated live in Kuching. Sick show last night man.